FREE Full 2018 Printable Calendar / Moon Phases & Zodiac Signs


Hello October New Moon! To kick off this beautiful New Moon, this post is full of FREEBIES just for you! Let's start off with intentions: Today is a time to plant your seeds of intention and set your goals. The New Moon brings energy of new beginnings and renewal. So yes, it is important to set your goals at this time because you've got the Moon energy on your side! What is is that you would like to manifest? What short-term goals do you have for yourself over the next month? What long-term goals do you have for yourself over the next few months? This is the perfect time to set them, write them down, and meditate upon them. If you're on my email newsletter list, I sent out an exclusive and FREE New Moon Intentions journal printable for you to write down all your intentions and goals. If you'd like to get on the newsletter list for exclusive content, then just download this Calendar FREEBIE or join here.

To help you with your intentions mindset, I've created this FREE Full 2018 Printable Calendar with Moon Phases and Zodiac signs. Allow it to help get you in the state of mind to set those intentions and goals each month on the New Moon.

And without further ado, click the link below to download your FREE 2018 Moon Phases and Zodiac Calendar. Tag me on Instagram @thequantumsoul to show me how you use yours! Enjoy!

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