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Miracles and the Laws of Nature

There is no such thing as 'miracle'. Miracles are simply the alignment of your energy. This is how you know that you are in flow. We are just so out of alignment that miracles seem so far and few between.

Miracles serve as an amplifier for our personal energy, it’s like when a miracle happens, we get pumped up, we get excited, we get in the zone, in the vortex. So, we need to understand that when the miracle happens, we need to stay there and learn how to hold that energy and not see the act of the miracle as a one-time thing, but instead, see it as a thing that can happen all day everyday for us if we hold that vibration.

Miracles are the essence of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Nature. This is important, this is why it has been brought to my attention. The Laws of Nature. Everything in the Universe works through the Laws of Nature. When you understand how these Laws of Nature works, you can understand your reality and how to better manifest for yourself and live through your miracle presence — your “alignment” presence, the energy of alignment that you have. It is you being aligned to the energy of the Universe.

You must study the Laws of Nature. Your average “Joe” (the average person) who does not understand the Laws of Nature gets drowned by them. When you understand the Laws of Nature, you can float above, rise above and catch the waves. When you don’t understand the Laws of Nature, you tend to be drowned by them.

Take poverty for instance. People who are in poverty are consumed by the energy of poverty. This attracts more poverty energy. When you understand the Laws of the Universe, the Laws of Nature, you will understand that your energetic resonance with “poverty” is what is keeping you in poverty.

There are many, many people who rise above poverty because they do not see or accept that energy of “poverty” into their life, even though it is what they see, even though it is what is around them, they choose to reject it in order to reach for a higher frequency out of poverty. Some people who do not understand the Laws of the Universe or the Laws of Nature accept poverty. They accept that this is the situation that they have been put in and that this is all that they will know.

This is the number one mistake that people make — is accepting their current situation if they are unhappy with it. There is nowhere, nowhere written that says “you must accept where you are and that is the only thing that will be given to you”.

In a lot of ways, those who are presented with these types of situations and circumstances are given a gift. They are given a gift to understand and be able to step into their full presence and make the leap out of the situation they are in. These are often the strongest players in your group. They are the strongest people. And this is why it is a gift.

A person born to riches, to an easy life, it’s harder for them to understand what it’s like to rise above. It’s harder for them to understand the position that they are in because they don’t know the opposite. It is only when you understand hardship and challenges that you can better reap the rewards of being out of it and coming out of it.

So for those in harder situations, see it and view it as a gift. It is the Universe presenting you with a challenge in which you, first of all, asked for prior to coming into this life. You accepted the challenge you would be given because it allows your soul to grow in so many ways that you would never understand in your human bodies.

It’s like when a human chooses to climb Mt. Everest. They have accepted that challenge before going through it. When they’re in the climbing of the mountain, it’s tough, it’s a challenge and they are faced with many, many obstacles, turbulent times and hardships. But at the top, it makes the reward that much sweeter. When they get done with it, they can say that they accomplished this massive goal.

You must understand that through the Laws of Nature, you have the capability and ability to climb Mt. Everest. You have the ability to do anything that you desire. It’s important not to see miracles as a one-time thing, but to embrace it as part of your life because it can be part of your life.


Disclaimer: This post is channeled spirit by Jessica Delmar of The Quantum Soul based upon her own perception and awareness. Please use your discernment, for entertainment purposes only. If shared, please link back to this original post.