Empower your divine feminine with the Triple Goddess + Free Mantra Printable


A few months ago, I had a session with a client whose Higher Self spoke about how there is an influx of Spiritual protective presence, whether Angels, Entities, Higher Beings, or other Spirit aspects. They are very much present and protective right now. They are here to help aid humanity in re-establishing connection, and in guiding each of us on our path towards our personal purpose. When I asked my client if she saw any being that was personally working with me, she said the following, grasping at how to describe what she was seeing in her Mind's eye:

It’s a female Angel...It’s a woman Angel...An Earth goddess...It’s an Earth goddess. She embodies all phases of a woman. The Virgin, the Maiden, and the Crone. All of them, shape-shifting. It’s like a shape-shifting Angel, moving into each phase of a woman’s life to help be a catalyst for healing, being able to morph and shape-shift into each phase to assist healing in an innocent way, or in a wise way, or...the innocence is the Virgin, the Maiden is the stability and the Crone is the wise, the wise old woman. She’s like an Earth goddess, she’s green, an Earth Angel.

At the time, I was very much busy with my Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis - Soul Regression and Expansion sessions. And this was the very first time I had actually heard of this beautiful Earth Goddess being described (who was not Mother Gaia, herself). This was also very much before my Moon for Manifestation course and workshop came into play. As with most information I am given, I receive it and just let it play out...

I get a lot of information and "advice" from my clients' Higher Self during Hypnosis, so I usually receive the information and then store it away. When something comes into fruition or manifestation that a client had given me "advice" on or spoke about, it is then that I suddenly remember and connect the dots, "Oh yeah! This came up in a session!" and I'll dig up the transcript.

It's when I was in the act of creating my Moon for Manifestation course that I then remembered what this client told me about the Virgin, the Maiden and the Crone. She had told me she saw this goddess as an Earth Goddess, but it was then that I began to make the connection of this "Earth Goddess" as the Triple Goddess, who is represented by the Moon as the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. Keep in mind that information that comes through a client always goes through the filter of the client. So if a person does not quite understand or know what they are seeing or experiencing during a session, they will describe it using their own filter and what they do know - depending on what hypnotic state they are in. So, it was exciting to make my connection to my work with the Moon!

Working with the Triple Goddess energy is very much as my client described it. She can shape-shift into each phase to assist with what you need help with. Each aspect - the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone - is an energy or archetype that presents itself to bring powerful and effective change in your life depending on when you need each one. She encompasses the divine feminine, which is what the planet is in need of right now. Working with the Triple Goddess allows you (masculine or feminine) to embrace the divine feminine within YOU, to bring more balance, ease, compassion, intuition, rhythm, and flow to your life.

The Maiden, the Mother and the Crone represent different stages in a woman's life, and also correspond closely with the Moon's energy and the major phases: the Waxing (Maiden), Full (Mother), and Waning (Crone). When working with the Moon's energy, you can also work with the Triple Goddess depending where you are at in your personal cycle. Which goddess do you embody at this moment?

The Maiden

The Maiden is represented in the Waxing Crescent Moon. Her energy encompasses youth (although not always young), new beginnings, innocence, creativity, inception and expansion. She is carefree, with big dreams, ideas and desires. She is the creative force. Call upon the Maiden Goddess in times of new beginnings. Her colors represented are white and pink. Some Maiden Goddesses represented in different cultures include:

The Greek Virgin Goddess, Artemis
The Greek Goddess, Persephone
In Celtic myth, Rhiannon
In Hindu mythology, Parvati

The Mother

The Mother is represented by the Full Moon. Her energy is the act of giving life, and giving birth - not only to a child, but also to making tangible the ideas, dreams, desires and intentions. Her energy is nurturing, feeding, and protecting that which she has given birth to. The Mother also represents compassion, fertility, maturity, stability, and fulfillment. Call upon this aspect of the Goddess when you are working for manifestation, motherhood, protection, development, choices, or guidance. Her color represented is red. Some Mother Goddesses represented in different cultures include:

Greek Goddess, Demeter
Egyptian Goddess, Isis
Mother Earth for the Inca, Pachamama

The Crone

The Crone is represented by the Waning Crescent Moon. She has an energy of completion and endings. Her energy is older (although not always old), wiser, compassionate. She represents transformation, as she recognizes death as part of a cycle, part of change, and that beyond death is a new beginning. The Crone energy is about letting go of things that do not serve you because you are moving into a new cycle of re-birth. She ushers in and empowers those near their endings. Call upon the Crone Goddess energy when you have things coming to an end, or if you are in need of the rest before a new beginning. Her colors represented are black, deep blue, and deep purple. Some Crone Goddesses in different cultures include:

Greek Goddess, Hecate
In Sumerian mythology, Goddess Tiamat
Hindu Goddess, Kali Ma
Egyptian Goddess, Nephthys

I've created this beautiful, empowering mantra print to help you in your work with your own inner divine feminine. Download, print, and say the mantra to yourself as much as you can as you walk through your own energetic cycle and phases of your inner Triple goddess!


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