Free 2017-2018 Moon Phases Calendar Quick Guide (updated to only 2018)


Do you ever find yourself in your own cycle and rhythm? Do you have times of high inspiration, creativity and productivity...and then have times when you feel uninspired, blocked, tired and unmotivated?

There's an ebb and a flow to life, including within our own physical and mental bodies. If you stop and look around you, you will notice that everything in nature has this ebb and flow, the biggest example being the Moon. It goes through the cycle every month and affects everything here on Earth. In essence, you are the Universe embodied, so you too go through the cycles that make up creation.

The trick is about navigating those experiences. One huge way to help you is by tracking the Moon cycle. Each Moon phase represents a specific type of energy. For example, do you notice you begin to slow down during the Waning Moon phases? And do you maybe feel more inspired, creative and productive during the Waxing Moon phases? You have the ability to sync up with the Moon in order to assist you with your own inner phases. By moving your energy with the flow of the Moon's energy, you can then amplify the energy that you put out - allowing for better manifestation and intention power.

I've put together a Moon phases quick guide in a 2017-2018 Calendar that is FREE for you to download and print. It serves as a handy way to stay on track with the New, Waning, Full and Waxing phases of the Moon so you can help interpret what may be happening in your own life.

Click the link below to have the Calendar delivered free straight to your inbox and tell me, are you interested in learning how to use the Moon's energy to amplify your intentions for manifestation and abundance?


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