(Free!) Lunar Alignment Quick Guide: The Full Moon


The Full Moon

The Full Moon is the mid-point and apex of a Moon cycle, and the height of power, energy, illumination and the peak of clarity. It represents the culmination and amplification of energy. It also represents a Yang (Active) energy that supports Realization and Fulfillment.

Due to its close proximity to the Earth, we are highly affected by the pull and power of the Moon. During the Full Moon phase, when the Moon is at its brightest, the energy that is spilled on to the planet makes the greatest impact. We can feel it in the energy that runs through our blood, body and veins. It tends to disrupt the energy of the individual as well as the energy of the collective at the time of full visibility.

The Full Moon brings up extreme emotions and sheds light on the darkness. Anything in your Subconscious or your thought patterns that is of lower vibration, will have light shine upon it. Like a flashlight, the Full Moon shines light in even the darkest of places. Nothing — no cobweb or dark corner — can hide in the light and illumintation of the Full Moon.

This is the emergence of energy within us. Things that were dormant are emerging, like the blossoming of a lotus flower — just as the phase of the Moon that has also reached its most blossomed form. At this time, feel into the power of being at your most fullest. Feel into the power of the amplified energy, and feel into the power of everything coming to the surface to be cleansed and healed. It’s like a “spring cleaning” for your energy and body.

All will be brought into your awareness. It’s important to be mindful during this time, and it’s important to have compassion for things that come to the surface. Do not allow lower vibrational energy to pull you down, but understand — from a compassionate standpoint — that these things are being brought into your awareness for you to cleanse, release, heal and let go of. Positive vibrations will also come to the surface to be realized, allowing you to see and fully feel the alignment you are already in.

Also observe what is being reflected back to you through other people and situations you encounter, as your energy is connected and translated through your direct experiences. The Full Moon amplifies your intentions, but also amplifies your psychic and emotional sensitivity. What is it that you are feeling or sensing? Under the Full Moon, you feel it on a more extreme scale, so try to first step back, reflect and respond before reacting. For some people, the Full Moon is energizing and they receive the heightened energy in a way that they use to channel creativity, progress and focus into their work. Full Moon energy brings out animalistic instincts, and heightens our intuition and sensitivity. For others, the Full Moon can be a bit overwhelming in energy, leading to extreme or “out-of-control” emotions and behaviors. Some others also find themselves needing time alone with a heightened introspective, inward focus and energy.

The energy of the Full Moon allows you to take full action — if inspired to do so. Be present and be open to any information, inspiration and intuition that comes through from the Infinite Intelligence that is working to push you forward. This time amplifies synchronicity and intuition, so pay attention and follow the signs on the path towards your goals.

Knowing this, it’s important to be conscious of your energy under the Full Moon so that you can better direct it. This is a powerful time for guidance, healing and magic to take place. Use your intention to call in higher vibrational energy. Use your intention to call in guidance, healing and magic.

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