(Free!) Lunar Alignment Quick Guide: The New Moon

The New Moon

The New Moon marks the beginning of a new lunar month, and it's your time to take advantage of the new beginning energy to set your most powerful intentions.

This is a time to foster new beginnings, business, projects, innovation, initiation, and birthing or re-birthing. It is the phase of renewal, germination, seeding and emergence. It is a symbol of new life and represents a Yang (active phase) inspiring action, direction and choices initiated into the outside world.

This energy supports visualization and dreams, amplifying your intention setting process. This is a time for gratitude and showing appreciation for new beginnings, relationships, and all the abundance that you already have in your life (and often overlook).

The New Moon also presents a dark and mysterious energy. It can bring up a lot of emotional blockages that you may be holding on to, but keep in mind that this is not the best time for healing practices. Allow yourself time to analyze and acknowledge whatever comes up so that you can further begin to understand why it’s there and why you are holding on to it. That way, by putting in the work beforehand, you’ll be ready to take the steps towards releasing and healing when the energy of the Full Moon comes around and better supports your healing and cleansing process.

For now, it’s important to focus on your intentions, new beginnings, goals and preparing your energy for alignment and receiving.

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