How to Power Up Your Intentions for Manifestation + FREE Intentions Checklist


Intentions are a powerful tool when it comes to creating your reality and manifesting things you desire. Are you aware that you are creating all day everyday with just your thoughts? The Laws of the Universe - such as, the Law of Attraction - apply to every. single. person. It does not discriminate. It just is.

The problem is that people are not aware of their thoughts, therefore they are unconsciously creating their reality. They allow their thoughts to wander, take on its own shape, scatter, bounce around, and react to situations. And the same things happen in their reality.

The reason why intentions are so powerful is because they give you that focal point in what you’re wishing to manifest. They align your thoughts into a specific goal and outcome, and when you do this, the Universe has to begin to conspire to make things happen in your favor. It is law.

The first step in making your intentions powerful is to, well, make them. You’d be surprised at how some people do not take the time out to sit and write down their goals or desires that they want for themselves. This is not a selfish thing to do, but in fact, a most self-less thing to do. Because when you care for yourself and create happiness for yourself, you are reflecting that out and creating happiness for everyone and everything around you, as well. So take the time to really sit and think, what is it that you desire? What are your goals?

5 ways to make powerful intentions

1.  Be clear.

When you sit down to think about your intentions, goals and desires, be clear to the Universe what it is that you want. A person who wavers, doubts or is unsure in their decisions receives the same energy back. So be clear with what you want. If you want extra money in the bank, let the Universe know exactly how much you’d like. When you ask for “extra money in the bank” instead of a specific number, the Universe could interpret that as an extra $20 or $20,000. So be clear and make it known that you want that extra $20,000! (but of course, you’d still be very thankful for the extra $20 bucks too!)

2.  Feel into it.

The secret ingredient in all manifestation is the act of feeling, the act of emotion. Everything is made up of energy, frequency and vibration. And the Universe responds to energy, frequency and vibration. Your thoughts have energy, your words have energy, and your feelings have energy. Out of the three, your feelings carry the strongest energy and vibration. Let’s take that same money example we looked at in step 1. When you ask the Universe for “extra money in the bank” and ask for a specific number - say, $20,000. Do you feel like you are worthy of that money? Or do you have feelings of lack? You could ask for $20,000, but if you’re emotions keep you in lack and you don’t believe you’ll get it - then guess what? You probably won’t. Why? Because your feelings and emotions carry the strongest energy.

3.  Act as if.

Ever heard of the phrase “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Yes, there’s truth in it! When you act as if you already have that thing you desire, it adds power to bringing it into manifestation for you. So act as if you already have that car or that job or the money. What would it feel like to be driving that new car? What would you spend the money on? Daydream, and really feel into that daydream.

4.  Be thankful.

The act of gratitude is so much more powerful than we all think it is. The energy of gratitude and thankfulness is high vibration and frequency. And when you work in the higher vibration and frequencies, things manifest so much faster, and in your favor. So be thankful for what you do have, and be thankful for what is coming.

5.  Let go.

You know that quote that goes something like, “the tighter you hold on to something, the more you push it away”? Yeah well, the same thing goes for your intentions. When you hold onto your intentions too tightly, you end up pushing them away. Holding onto anything tightly creates resistance, and you cannot manifest anything in your favor in the same energy as resistance. So loosen up! Let it go and have faith that it’ll find its way back to you (that’s another quote, too, right?)

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