Moon Guide for Manifestation + FREE quick reference guide



We're in the October Waning Moon phase, and this is the perfect time for integration and reflection. You may start to feel your body winding down, desiring more rest and rejuvenation. This is a month of cleansing and healing, and these Waning Moon phases are assisting with the healing process. This is the perfect time to integrate the energies received during the Moon cycle so far, and to step into your alignment and empowerment. But first, you must release what does not serve you.

Use this winding-down time to reflect and integrate. Do you feel things coming to the surface, either in your physical or emotional body, that is asking to be addressed and healed? Working with the Moon is a fantastic way to release and let go of things that do not serve you, while also preparing your physical, mental and emotional bodies for manifestation and abundance if that is what you desire. Working with the Moon also pairs so beautifully with the Soul Regression and Expansion Hypnosis sessions if you are struggling with fear, emotional or physical trauma, in need of more shadow work first, or curious about any past lives that may be affecting your current life and why. Everything is connected and healing is invited on all levels.

I created this quick Moon Guide for you to print, download and keep within easy access so you know where you're at physically, mentally and emotionally in the Moon cycle. Use it to aid in your manifestation process! Click the link below to download a high-resolution version of the Moon Guide. If you'd like to learn more about working with the Moon for manifestation, intuition, and blockage release, sign up for my FREE Moon Energy Online Workshop coming up on October 26 (enrollment now closed)! Learn how to jump start your intuition, inner-alignment and empower yourselves to manifest the abundant life you imagine. More details at the bottom of this post or learn more about the FREE workshop here.


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