New Earth Ascension Symptoms and How They May Be Affecting You


The New Earth

Many on their spiritual path have come across teachers, peers and others talking about the New Earth. Dolores Cannon, the creator of Quantum Healing Hypnosis, received information from her clients over 20 years ago regarding what they called the New Earth — and the time we are in right now. Clients from all around the world (not related or connected to each other) were receiving the same or similar information regarding the very same topic — a raising of consciousness, frequency and energy of planet Earth, and along with the Earth raising her consciousness and frequency, humans would be taken along on the journey but must also raise their consciousness and frequency to match the Earth.

Think about how energy vibrates at different levels or frequencies. There are pitches of sound that only dogs and animals can hear. There are colors that humans cannot even perceive. There are other dimensions that exist that we cannot see or begin to even understand.

The Earth raising her consciousness is the elevation from our current 3D into 5D. 4D is the bridge between 3D and 5D. The New Earth is about the expansion of awareness, consciousness and perception.

Ascended Consciousness

Now, the thing you must realize about the New Earth is that it's not an actual second planet. It's the same planet we live in, except that it's an ascended state of consciousness. Think of a person entering an entirely new, ascended state of being. Like, when you go from sick to healthy or addict to clean or young to old. You embrace the "new" you and you shed, release or let go of the "old" you. The Earth is simply raising her vibration into a new state of consciousness — what some people refer to as 5D (and above) — and releasing the old state of consciousness.

Think about the addict coming clean. If you're addicted to something, sometimes the transition is easier when you wean off of it. But for others, they have to stop cold turkey — leading to all sorts of nasty effects. Or imagine a child turning 25 in the rate of 1 year. Impossible, right? It's a slow and steady process for the child to turn into the mature 25 year old.

Raising consciousness is a slow and steady process — something that's been happening for many, many years, through groups of people (think the spiritual movement in the 70s and 80s) — but more currently, with a mass awakening starting around the 2012 mark. For some people, awakening can be quite jolting! And the closer we get to the full transition into New Earth, the harder it will be for people who haven't been slowly adjusting their frequency and vibration. It won't be impossible, it may just be more challenging (hence the addict quitting cold turkey).

The New Earth is doing the same. Her process of ascension is a slow and steady process. She is shedding the old in order to embrace the new. And it's not an easy process. Think of your own body. When you've been eating McDonalds and Burger King for 30 years but finally want to get into shape and embrace a new lifestyle, you've gotta go on a detox diet. But during this detox diet — especially the first few days or weeks, it's really hard! What usually happens is you get worse before you get better. You get sick, you break out, you smell, you get sluggish and tired as your body works hard to release all the sticky gunk you've been holding on to. But then one day, there's a switch and you begin to feel so much better, cleaner and healthier!

Mother Earth has seriously endured a lot of crap from humanity. Over these many, many, many years, we've fill her atmosphere and body with poison, negativity, wars, and personal traumas. All the energy that humanity has endured over the years recycles around and within the Earth.

Everything Coming to the Surface

In order for the Earth to ascend and raise her frequency, she must release all the lower density, negative energy. How does she do this? Remember, this is about energy. All lower density, negative energy that's been hidden, swept under the rug or harbored in mass consciousness needs to be released as well. It's a deep cleaning for the Earth and everything on and within her.

And in order for energy to be released, it must first come to the surface (like a detox). We see it happening all around us. The energy of humanity that has been swept under the rug is rising to the surface — hate, bigotry, racism, sexual assault, corruption, etc. — everything needs to come to the surface to be cleansed and released. There's no hiding, and the light will shine on even the darkest corners.

For Mother Earth, we see it happening in the increase of natural disasters — volcanoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. This is a cleansing and healing process for the Earth, and it's happening on all levels. You might be experiencing your own ascension process as you go through the phases of raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness. Like I said, for some people, the process is easier as they steadily raise and adjust their frequency. For some, they may not even notice the shift, it'll be so seamless! For others, it'll be more of a shock to the system as you incorporate higher frequency energy to a body that was very dense, negative and of low vibration.

Your Perception is Everything

Whatever you may be experiencing on a personal level, hold fast to compassion, grace, forgiveness and love. Your perception is everything. Surround yourself with things you want to experience rather than things you don't. Place your attention on positive, fun things and you'll find that you will manifest more of those things. When you focus on fear and negativity, you'll manifest more of those things and continue to perpetuate those experiences in your life.

This is a crucial time for manifestation as the energies of the Earth heighten. Your ability to manifest becomes quicker and more rapid. You may already be experiencing funny "coincidences" that happen more often ("Funny, I was just thinking that!" or "I was just talking to this person about that very thing!"). Know that nothing is coincidence, and everything is on purpose.

When you shift your perception to positivity, compassion, balance and love, these same things will reflect in the world around you. This is what helps to pull your personal frequency into the New Earth energy and help to pull the energy of those around you into the same direction. Instead of feeding the negative, lower vibrational energy that is coming to the surface, allow it to be more easily released by not giving your attention to it.

As more and more people begin to raise their consciousness and vibration, they step into the greater knowledge of their own personal power. They begin to remember who they are on a grander level — much grander than these physical bodies — and open themselves up to power that surpasses this physical world.


Ascension Symptoms

For the average person, it may be difficult to understand why certain things are happening to them — whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. They may be going through an awakening without even realizing it! For most people, there are stages to awakening and ascension, what we like to call "ascension symptoms". Do you have any of these?

Some common ascension symptoms that you may be noticing include:

Ringing in the ears. Just as dogs can hear certain high-pitched sounds that humans cannot, your energy is tuning into the higher frequencies that you were unable to perceive, hear or see before. Pay attention during the times you notice the ringing in your ears so you are aware of how your energy feels in that present moment.

Noticing patterns, especially number repetitions (11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, etc...). The Universe is made up of numbers, patterns and geometric symbols. Repeated numbers always mean something and are trying to tell you a message. Go inward to ask your Angels or Spirit Guides "what is the message you would like to bring forward for me?" I also like going to Joanne Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers to look up the numbers that I see repeated most often.

Changes in eyesight. Your eyesight may be getting clearer or more blurry. Changes in eyesight are increasing as your physical body adapts to the higher frequencies and begins to "see" more into the ether. Eye floaters, or seeing things in the corner of your eyes, shifting energetic shapes, or flashes of light can occur.

Dizziness. Raising your frequency is like a recalibration. This may cause dizziness, pressure in the ears and head, etc.

Detox symptoms or easily prone to getting sick. As the body enters higher energy, it must adapt, and one way is through sickness or detox symptoms. Much like when a person detoxes to clear out their system, they can often expect breakouts, detox/sick symptoms, odor, headaches, etc. When there is a strong wave of high frequency energy on the planet, many people find themselves getting sick as their body tries to catch up/match that same frequency.

Pressure in the head / headaches. As you begin to ascend, your third-eye begins to open. As this happens, you may experience more pressure in the head, especially in the middle of your forehead, sinus pressure, or headaches.

Desire to eat healthier, lighter, organic and whole foods. When you're resonating at a higher frequency, you naturally attract other things at high frequency as well, including food.

Desire to eat less meat. Meat holds a low vibration, and as your body incorporates higher frequency energy and vibration, it desires less of low vibrational experiences, including the food you intake.

Sensitivity to food/products/etc. As your body vibrates at a higher frequency, it's harder for it to exist harmoniously with lower density or vibrational things. So if you are using chemical cleaners, or ingesting lower vibrational food (such as GMO, non-organic, meats, etc.) then it's possible you will experience allergic reactions, sensitivity and/or sickness.

Becoming more sensitive / empathetic. Part of the ascension process is a heightened connection to others and tuning into each other's energy and emotions. As we raise our consciousness and frequency, we come closer to the knowledge that everything and everyone is connected.

Desire for more purpose in life / Call to purpose. Your Soul begins to take the lead and call you in the direction of what you truly want in life. If you feel stuck or unfulfilled in life, it'll be harder to stick in that situation. You will have a calling for more, and you will feel the urge or push to follow that calling.

Increase in synchronicity and manifestation of thoughts/intentions. As your energy aligns and as the energy of the planet speeds up, so does the manifestation process. You may even notice immediate manifestation of something you were just thinking about.

Losing track / sense of time. As the energy of the planet increases, time seems to be irrelevant. Especially when you are on your path of purpose and doing what you love, time doesn't seem to exist the way it used to. Losing track of dates/time, time slips, etc. seem to be happening more and more. After all, time is only a construct of the 3rd dimensional plane of existence.

Resonating with Universal / Spiritual teachings (rather than an organized religion). Many people who have grown up or lived in a specific religion are now awakening to ideas, concepts and beliefs that are different to what they believed in (or thought they believed in). Many people are leaving their religions behind or opening themselves up to a wider perspective of reality that goes beyond their perceived religion.

Actualization of inner creativity / Heightened creativity. This is a time to create and manifest! Many people are seeking outlets to be more creative, especially if they have jobs that are not creative. It is through the use of this creative "muscle" that you begin to train your mind to create and manifest the reality around you.

Depression / having a hard time seeking purpose. The ascension process brings up a lot of hidden darkness that has been stuffed deep within over the years. Sometimes it can be a lot to handle, especially when experiencing many types of ascension symptoms. This can often lead to depression, loneliness, or feelings of loss, stagnation or not belonging in this world. As you awaken to realizing where these emotions come from, it will help you to navigate releasing the darkness within and searching for the light.

Awareness of blockages, feeling stuck. Many lower frequency and vibrational emotions that you hold within you may be coming up to the surface for you to not only face them, but to release them. Some people experience a phase of stagnation, where they don't feel like things are moving for them. When this happens, allow yourself to look within you at what energetic and emotional blockages may be coming to the surface. These need to be healed and released first in order for energy and things to start moving for you in the direction that you desire.

Heightened and more vivid dreams. More people are connecting deeply in their dreams. You may be experiencing "prophetic" dreams, vivid colors, symbols, messages, or visits from people/spirits/beings. Pay attention to your dreams, they are trying to tell you something.

Heightened intuition or psychic awareness. The increase of frequency and energy opens our minds, perception and awareness. With this integration, you begin to realize you are listening to your intuition more (or it is calling to you louder), as well as any psychic development or awakening. Do not be alarmed. These are gifts to be tended to and nurtured for your ascended presence. Step more into meditation and ask the questions you seek.

Asking bigger questions / Questioning current reality. You begin to have feelings that the current reality is not "real". Possible real-life experiences of supernatural, glitches in time/time slips, Mandela Effects, etc. More and more TV shows and movies are being brought into the collective awareness (i.e. Matrix-style shows and movies) that showcase other realities, dimensions, extraterrestrials and psychic abilities. There's a reason for bringing this information into the public's awareness and having it resonate with more and more people.

Waking up in the middle of the night at the same time / weird sleep behavior. Waves or increase of energy in the body can be a disrupting, causing unusual sleep patterns (i.e. insomnia, increase energy at night, waking up in the middle of the night at the same time, etc.)


Tips on Working Through Your Ascension Symptoms

It can sometimes be a struggle to go through ascension symptoms. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are changes as you adapt to the new frequencies that are occurring on the planet. It is now ever-more important to stay in the present moment and have compassion for yourself and those around you.

As you're going through the changes, you can do the following things to help support your body:

Stay present. Do not worry about the past or the future. Stay in the present moment and allow yourself to be kind and compassionate through it. This allows you to better focus on what is happening with your body, your energy and your manifestations.

Drink lots of water! The water helps to clear stagnant energy and allow you to flow along with higher energy

Focus on things that bring you joy and love. When you focus on positive energy, you allow yourself to more easily and quickly flow with that stream of energy.

Eat lighter foods. Meats, processed foods, and sugars hold very dense energy which tends to weigh you down, energetically. Incorporate lighter foods, such as an organic and fresh plant-based diet.

Do physical movements that release and allow the energy to flow. This can include Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, stretches and Pranayama breathing exercises.

Get lots of rest. When your body is resting, it allows you to incorporate the higher energies during this resting period, rather than when you are awake. Just like when you're sick!

Follow the link below to get your FREE guide to working through your ascension symptoms. Print it out and hang it up somewhere to keep you centered and remind you that you're not alone!

There are many other ascension symptoms, but these are some of the most common. If you find yourself confused or overwhelmed with what you're going through, struggling to find purpose and clarity, or awakening to your personal gifts and abilities, consider having a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session to make things more clear and understandable for you. It's time to remember who you truly are so you can let go of things that no longer serve you and embrace a more expanded experience.

Dolores Cannon speaks about the New Earth in many of her 19 books, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioners also have information about the New Earth popping up in their sessions often, myself included (you can learn more about my Quantum Healing Hypnosis practice and session stories over on The Quantum Soul).

**Disclaimer: If you experience any of the symptoms listed here, please also seek the advice of a medical professional. The above symptoms are commonly noted during geomagnetic storms, however, there may be other medical-related causes.

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