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When you align to the natural rhythm of the lunar cycle, you align to your natural ability to manifest abundance and joy.

Are you ready?


Moon for Manifestation

The MM Course is an online program for those interested in taking control of their lives by consciously aligning their energy with nature in order to manifest a more abundant life.


Taking control of your life and shifting into your ultimate creative power is as easy as a thought.

Everything has an ebb and flow, a cycle, a rhythm. We, being part of nature, also inherently have this ebb and flow, cycle and rhythm. But, many of us have unconsciously gone off-rhythm, which causes feelings of lack, imbalance, struggle, stress, worry and depression. This can be due to living in big cities, being disconnected from nature and your inner higher guidance, and/or just living that "hamster wheel" life instead of a life of purpose.

We are connected to the Moon in a powerful way. And when we align to the Moon, we begin to recognize and harmonize within our own flow, cycle and rhythm. We become more aware and more mindful of what we are manifesting for ourselves and the power we have to create our life.

It is when you come back into alignment that you will see a dramatic improvement and shift in your life - towards manifesting more mindfulness, intuition, connection, balance, joy, purpose and self-healing.


Who is this course for?

Whether you feel stuck in scarcity or your own "hamster wheel" life, or you're passionately living your best life, aligning with the Moon will help you to:

  • Create powerful intentions and goals
  • Take inspired action towards manifestation
  • Connect to your inner Divine Feminine
  • Feel more balance and in harmony with your inner and outer worlds
  • Find more clarity in life to pursue your goals and purpose
  • Turn "lack" into "abundance"
  • Deepen your sense of intuition, inner-knowing and Divine connection
  • Clear and cleanse negative energetic blockages to make room for positive manifestations and self-healing
  • Open yourself up to receive more creativity, positivity and inspiration
  • Tune into your inner emotional self to re-discover who you are and what you want
  • Find joy, stability, rhythm and flow each month as you align with each Moon phase

Magical possibilities.

The Moon for Manifestation course is an active practice of aligning your energy with nature, the Moon and the Universe. This course is not a magic or quick-activating potion - but when done right, has endless magical possibilities. It is only guaranteed to the extent that you are willing to take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and life. You will have to put in the mental and emotional work needed to redirect and reactivate the energy that you want to align with. But when you do, that's when magic appears for you.

This course works with the energy of each of the Moon’s phases to put you in better flow, allowance and trust through your intentions. In this state, you open yourself up to tapping into and receiving Divine inspiration which leads you towards manifestation and abundance. It is a straightforward, easy to understand, yet powerful practice that will benefit and transform you in so many ways.

Apply this Moon for Manifestation technique to:


Create a life you love.

Reset your mindset and turn your perspective around. Become a conscious creator to manifest abundance, success, a better emotional state, healthier relationships, and clarity in your purpose, intentions, goals, and dreams.

Start or grow your business.

Work with the Moon through intention and inspired action to organize, launch and grow your business, get the clients you want, create and sell products, market to your audience, and make the profit you intend.


This course is for those ready to align and manifest a more joyful life, but also ready to take on challenges with a new, creative energy.


Learn at your own pace online.

This course is based online through video lessons and interactive workbooks - so you have the ability to learn at your own pace and on your own time from the comfort of your home or office.

Keep in mind that in Module 3, we'll begin our work alongside the Moon phases to ensure you are aligning your energy throughout the month. We encourage you to work alongside the Moon phases with us, but you have the ability to go at your own pace as well.

You will be able to download all the lesson videos and workbooks to re-visit and re-watch over lifetime access. This comes in handy as you will continue your work with the Moon phases each month.

Review the course breakdown below.


Modules and Lessons

The MM course is broken down into 4 main modules. With each lesson, you'll receive a video training as well as an interactive workbook and bonus content. Here's the outline of the course so you can decide if it's right for you.


We encourage you to go through the Module 1 and Module 2 lessons first in order to gain the necessary information before working alongside the Moon cycle month in Module 3.



Expect to spend a total of at least 30-60 minutes for each of Module 1 and Module 2 lessons and workbooks. For Module 3, expect to spend between 20-30 minutes on each lesson and Moon phase, with longer time spent on both the New and Full Moon phases and workbooks.



Module 1 : Moon energy

In Module 1, you'll learn all about Moon energy. This includes:

  • How to work with the different energies of the 8 Moon's phases, and utilize the specific energy to bring about manifestation of our goals and intentions; and
  • How to align with the Moon's Yin & Yang (Receptive and Active) energies as it flows through the cycle

Module 2 : Cultivating Mindfulness with the Moon

In Module 2, you'll learn how to utilize the power of nature to cultivate more mindfulness, awareness and self-realization. This includes:

  • How to cultivate more mindfulness, presence and reflection in your life that aligns with the ease and flow of nature;
  • How to utilize your emotional body as a powerful force in manifesting abundance, joy, intentions and goals; and
  • How to set and create powerful intentions on a regular basis

Module 3 : Working with the Moon Phases

Module 3 is when we begin the work alongside the Moon cycle. The lessons will be sent straight to your inbox as we approach each phase in the cycle. You'll learn how to:

  • Set and launch powerful and positive intentions and goals that are achievable and reachable
  • Tap into your intuition, and recognize synchronicity and messages from the Universe that push you towards your intentions
  • Create a sacred space, and learn how to utilize it during the Moon cycle
  • Connect to your Divine Feminine
  • Journey inward to harness into your intuition and the power of mindfulness, reflection, and emotions
  • Take inspired action steps that lead you forward on the path towards manifesting your intentions and goals
  • Align you personal energy with the energy of the Moon in order to bring more balance, alignment, and harmony to yourself, allowing more flow and abundance into your life
  • Work to release and let go of things that do not serve you such as negative patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and energetic blockages
  • Heal and cleanse your space, Chakras and Aura, and open yourself up to receiving a more positive flow of energy that attracts what you desire

Module 4 : Transformation with the Moon

Module 4 is about gaining the motivation for your continued long-term transformation with the Moon.

Bonus Module: The Energy of Manifestation

This bonus module will take you through how energy works in the Universe, in our Conscious and Subconscious Minds and in our Bodies via our Chakras and Aura. You must first understand that you hold within you the energy that creates your world — and therefore the manifestations you experience in your reality.


    What this course is and is not


    • Aligning your energy to the Moon phases to gain positive results
    • Connecting to nature for overall well-being
    • Re-establishing inner power and connection
    • Strengthening intuition and your inner voice
    • Making powerful intentions to lead you on a more purpose-driven path
    • Allowing flow and ease while releasing resistance and doubt
    • An easy way to bring more balance, harmony and rhythm to your life
    • An on-going, continual process through each month
    • You taking control of your life, intentions, and courses of action
    • Call forth manifestations that work for you rather than against you


    • An astrology course
    • A "Get Rich Quick" course
    • For someone else to do the work for you
    • A one-time practice expecting to yield 100% positive results (it should become a continual, monthly practice for best results)

    Additional Bonuses Included

    In addition to the lessons in the core modules, you'll receive extra content, guided meditations, and material to help you on your journey. (Value $299, Included in course)

    Moon for Manifestation Digital Journal

    Moon phases Notebook

    Moon Guide kit for each phase

    Additional information regarding each Moon phase (i.e. emotional well-being guidance, business guidance, Divine Feminine, the Moon and your Menstrual cycle, etc...)

    20+ (total) different Moon phases Rituals and Practices

    Quick tips and reference guides

    Journey and progress tracker

    Gratitude worksheets

    Mantras and affirmations

    yoga sequences for each moon phase

    Guided Meditations

    Chakra and Aura balancing techniques

    2018 Full Moon phases calendar

    2018 Moon Phases Quick Guide

    New Moon and Full Moon Lunar Guidekit

    Plus +

    Email reminders at the Moon phases throughout the year to keep you in your ascended presence, motivation and awareness of your intentions, goals, and manifesting power.

    Access to the Intuitive Collective Community private Facebook group to receive support, live Q&A videos, and other Moon-related information throughout the year.

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    moon for Manifestation

    Work with the powerful Moon to align your energy, set powerful intentions, and manifest your dreams and purpose.

    US $145

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    Your Instructor: Jessica Kawaikini

    Jessica is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, energy worker and designer based in Brooklyn, New York. She was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where her deeply-rooted connection with nature, the Spirit realm, and Ancient Hawaiian and Japanese ancestral lineage began at a very early age. In addition to the wild and weird, she loves watching Shark Tank, road trips, Matcha green tea lattes and crystals. She runs this site, The Quantum Soul as well as Quantum Soul Hypnosis.